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Fla. - Downtown Ocala is slowly coming back to life as more restaurants reopen and offer dinners - in service. One of the new restaurants in OCala is becoming a big hit with locals and tourists from all over the country and even from all over the world.

You have traditional Italian appetizers like pizza and pasta, but the things that really do say your name are the flatbread topped with salad. Try the flatbread pizza with two delicious desserts, or you can prepare a real s'mores dessert. My third recommendation is my personal favorite - don't be bebe - try their pizza, and I'm a big fan of their desserts.

The homemade fettuccine Alfredo is perhaps the best I've ever eaten, and I swear the flavor is getting better. This delicious dish will keep you for two or more meals, so

If you're looking for lunch when it's open, Hungry Bear Drive - Thru is part of Öcala's history and a must-see. If you don't eat in this restaurant and happen to want a second dessert at lunch, this is the restaurant for you. One of the staff responsible for breakfast draws a cute sign that makes it easy to grab a quick breakfast and stay there. The locations for lunch and dinner listed below have a delicious looking breakfast menu, but I have never eaten in either restaurant.

I mentioned earlier that the Stella Pantry in Brooklyn Backyard has some great desserts, so make sure to try their chocolate cookies and ice cream while you eat there.

If you've been there before, you know there are some places where funny flavors of soft food are served. Twistee Treat would not have made this list if their ice cream hadn't been good, not only because of their location (literally shaped like an ice cream cone), but also because they are one of my favorite soft serve restaurants in OCALA. The ice cream is good and the food is delicious, but not quite as good as the other places on the list.

Ivy Square is one of the best restaurants in Ocala, perfect for lunch and dinner, as the appetizer service is good and there is plenty to eat and eat, especially if you are visiting the family. This list was created because they are the perfect place for a dinner and when I go I am always pleasantly surprised by the quality of their food.

If you feel like visiting Southwest Florida, you can head south and enjoy some of the great restaurants in Ocala and other parts of South Florida. I chose these four restaurants because they are great for a quick bite to eat and a little local culture and taste. We will also share some places to spot the tourists on the run, looking for a quick bite to eat. You can also enjoy nature by visiting one of these great parks, such as the Great Florida Trail or Florida State Park.

Of course you can nibble on their unique salsa fish, but there is plenty of variety and it tastes just like you would prepare it at home. For some reason, their Oreo Shakes are just good, I recommend spinning them by hand because they taste just as good as if they were made at home.

If all this sounds too intense, you can sip wine and beer in your own living room all day long. Enjoy a cocktail, a bourbon flight or a local brew paired with a hand-held fish plate and naturally fried chicken.

If you fancy French food, visit the French restaurant La Cuisine and try something different and enjoy your meal in an upscale atmosphere, then you will appreciate a meal. If you're looking for something more casual but tasteful, try Stella's modern pantry. It is also a great place to pick up everything you need for your kitchen, such as kitchen utensils, spices and a few other everyday necessities.

Most dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and also according to homemade recipes, but also the starters enjoy a attention to detail that is reflected in the taste. The appetizer menu at Stella's is also good, with a wide range of options and a wide selection of dishes.

The Salty Brick Works at Ocala Preserve will offer its new menu at O calaPreserve, which includes a selection of specialties and a selection of seasonal products. At Christmas, specialities such as lobster, lamb and sea bass are offered. They pride themselves on never freezing natural chicken and on being able to make anything tender, whether chicken, turkey, pork, beef, chicken breast or even turkey thighs.

If you don't want to drive and eat, there is a great parking lot across the street that makes for a good stop. It's a ride - just a ride, so don't expect to get on and eat, but if you do, you will.

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