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Marion County is considering plans to build a new Circle K store on US 441 in Summerfield, but the redevelopment plan is currently being reviewed by the Florida Department of Economic Development and the Marion County Board of Commissioners.

The proposed location for the new store is on the site of an existing Burger King on the corner of US 441 and US 41 in Summerfield. Two other parcels were proposed in the existing Circle K area, but no specific tenant was named. Those who wanted to go to one of those lots had an interested suitor, Marion County's director of economic development, John Hale, said. One of them went to a restaurant, Hale said, and the other would be a grocery store.

The California-based trust bought its portion of the site in 1997 for $1.6 million, according to court documents. The other 7.5 acres belong to the Marion County Land Trust, which wants to demolish the buildings on its property.

The Ocala Growth Management Division is reviewing claims for $325,000 in improvements to the site, including a $1.5 million parking lot redevelopment and a new multi-storey car park. The project would involve a "$325,000 improvement," including the installation of new lighting, landscaping and other improvements, and the construction of a parking ramp.

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More About Ocala